Valve Condition Assessment and Maintenance

Valve Condition Assessment and Maintenance is an essential component of good distribution system management. Malfunctioning, closed, frozen, and lost valves can make isolating for emergency or routine repairs difficult and often have a substantial impact on system performance. Distribution system valve assessment enhances the utility operator’s capability to effectively control the flow of water within distribution system; prolong the life of the valves; insure that the valves can be located, accessed and operated; and allows the utility to better plan capital and operating budgets.

Hydromax USA’s system-wide condition assessment and maintenance programs can provide:

  • Complete inventory of distribution system valves mapped with sub-foot accuracy.
  • Assurance of system valve operability and accessibility.
  • Ensures efficient water shut down and minimizes customer and financial impact of a water main break.
  • Provides information on the current operating state of distribution system valves.
  • Analysis of capital and O&M needs for improved planning and system performance.
  • The information provides the foundation for COF/LOF failure impact studies and remediation prioritization planning.

Our Infrastructure Condition Assessment Programs include:

  • Pre-program consulting on Hydromax USA geospatial solutions
  • Review of current client water data model and CMMS system.
  • Access to Hydromax USA – Project Operations Dashboard, providing near real time project results and tracking.
  • Field locating, identifying and accessing the valve
  • Raising/aligning the valve box to grade
  • Cleaning debris and water from valve box and performing any necessary minor repairs.
  • Operating valve from open to closed to back open position for two complete cycles using hydraulically controlled equipment.
  • Performing asset operational assessment and recording of findings
  • Painting valve box lid w/ utility directed color and placement of valve I.D. tag
  • Leak sounding at each valve location and recording of findings
  • Analysis of valve assessment results and creation of distribution system evaluation report.
  • Scheduled ESRI compliant program data deliverables.
  • Integration of work order data into most major CMMS systems.