Flow & Pressure Measurement

Using technology that has been laboratory tested at ± 1.5% to 5% of full scale and supplemented with the latest electronic measurement and recording equipment, our flow and pressure measurements provide accurate and repeatable data to use in numerous applications.

The primary device used is a Pitot flow tube and each site is carefully evaluated to reduce problems prior to installation. The instrument is installed through ferrules that are existing or have been installed by the Utility. Calibration measurements are made to verify the inside pipe diameter and to evaluate inside pipe conditions. The velocity profile is then determined with the instrument locked in place and the electronic measurement devices programmed and secured. Depending upon the pipe size and working conditions, this task requires about one hour to complete. The instrument can be programmed to record data in increments from one second to multiple minutes. The equipment can remain installed for periods from one hour to multiple months depending upon the project requirements.

The equipment accurately measures and records differential pressure which is converted to average velocity allowing a calculation of flow rate and volume. At the same time, static pressure measurements can be recorded using the same programming. This allows a look at the various dynamics with the distribution system.

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