pipeline condition assessment technology p-CAT Identifying infrastructure issues before they become catastrophic.


Our Solutions are designed to maximize the value of our customer’s water products and services by optimizing water distribution system performance and reliability, minimizing delivery costs, controlling water loss, and enhancing water quality.

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Condition assessment is integral to optimizing the performance of any water system’s distribution assets and to minimizing delivery costs. Hydromax USA’s comprehensive water condition assessment programs are designed to provide you with essential information that will help to improve capital investment and O&M planning, provide continuity for critical systems, manage risk, and facilitate regulatory compliance.

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Valve Condition Assessment and Maintenance
Hydrant Condition Assessment and Maintenance
Pre/Post Program C-Factor Testing
• Water Quality Management Programs

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p-CAT™ is a non-invasive, non-destructive, reliable and safe method of performing pipe condition assessment while the system is in operation. It is often described as a pipe screening tool as long sections (many miles) can be quickly tested to identify small localized “hot spots” out of thousands of feet of pipe.

The technology uses a unique patented and proven technique of inverse transient analysis to measure and determine the internal and external condition of pipelines. p-CAT™ can be applied to all metallic, concrete and AC (asbestos cement) pipes and has been developed through over 17 years of research and development by the University of Adelaide, Australia.


For leak detection and gas pocket identification in large diameter pressure pipes.

Nautilus consists of a small diameter sphere that is inserted into the network where it travels freely through the pipeline, driven by the water flow. The sounds generated by a leak, air pocket or anomaly have unique characteristics and Nautilus captures the sound of these from the inside of the pipeline. Once the sphere is extracted, a software developed by our partners, Aganova processes the compiled information using a mathematical algorithm showing the location of the leaks, gas pockets and anomalies encountered.


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