Our software solutions manage big data in real-time, from any location, with high confidence. Hydromax USA’s advanced software solutions put key information at your fingertips to optimize your projects and enable you to manage not only with high confidence, but with certainty.

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Collecting good data is just the start. Covid has been a unique time, accelerating digital transformations that normally may have progressed over several years in only a few months’ time. Is your company prepared? Do you need a partner that not only understands the unique challenges of gas, water and wastewater field operations and compliance needs, but also is experienced in seamlessly implementing tools to move projects into the digital future? We’ve got you covered. Hydromax USA has been designing software solutions to meet the specific needs of infrastructure data collection for over a decade. Leverage HUSA’s industry knowledge and technical expertise and advance your projects with our configurable software solutions today.

One size does not fit all. We recognize that needs vary widely from utility to utility, and know that clients have likely made significant investments in existing systems and equipment. To meet your needs, Hydromax USA offers modular solutions from off-the-shelf software packages, to software and data management programs to compliment your field services, to fully managed turn-key programs where HUSA provides both field services and full data management. Learn more below.

Cross Bore Inspection (CBI) Software


Put your data to work for you. Developed over the past 15 years, Hydromax USA’s solution for comprehensive cross bore program management was born out of a collaboration between field operations and advanced data management. The software is a proprietary combination of data-driven configurable web maps, dashboards, analytics and data review, reporting, and risk reduction aimed at making comprehensive cross bore program management smart and simple.

The complete solution includes:

  • Live Maps – role-based project maps and dashboards driven by a single data source. At-a-glance assessment & approval of real-time crew collection from any location.
  • Dashboards – fully configurable to your needs for instant review; dashboards that put metrics that matter at your fingertips
  • Field Tech Management – drive efficient, verifiable work in the field via a slate of productivity management and reporting tools and widgets; increase your team’s efficiency through coaching based on field behavior data analytics
  • Contractor Management – role-based tools for you and your contractors; leverage our field tech software to manage your contractors, monitor productivity, and provide project-wide data-driven coaching based on behavior data analytics
  • Digital Field Data Collection Forms – provide high integrity, cross bore focused data; our forms are designed intentionally to reduce input and human error to optimize efficiency and confidence
  • High accuracy GPS collection & digital asset data – data collected at sub-foot accuracy for the highest standard in data collection
  • Detailed Data Review – 100% confidence clearance through complete data analysis and structural review
  • Digital Reporting – turn your data into meaningful reports; real-time delivery of high-quality data from the survey to real-time dashboards to exportable and printable reports
  • Risk Prioritization Modeling – utilizes proprietary spatial relational tools based on GIS data combined with machine learning algorithms to create inspection prioritization model

Digital Leak Survey Software


Designed with you in mind. Designed with input from both field surveyors and analysts, our Digital Gas Leak Survey software — the first fully digital gas leak survey solution — delivers real-time, high-quality data from survey to printable report. Our software solution creates a verifiable digital trail that gives you the confidence to know your reports are factual and accurate.

Modular Design. Our digital leak survey platform is completely modular. It’s designed to support your field leak survey operations from start to finish. Our tool helps you manage work assignments, field data collection, digital highlighting, and dashboard/reporting. We can create the ideal digital leak survey configuration for your specific needs. Our software solution integrates with your system of record (GIS, EAM, ERP) and automation of utility processes.

Highly Accurate. GPS breadcrumbs are automatically linked to gas readings. The digital breadcrumbs automatically create verifiable data, eliminating the risk of false or inaccurate reporting.

Fully Digital. No more paper survey maps or cumbersome reports. Our fully digital gas leak survey software virtually eliminates human touchpoints (mitigating the risk associated with COVID-19 challenges) while reducing utility costs and UCT audit time.


Risk Prioritization Modeling (RPM) Software


Hydromax USA’s Risk Prioritization Modeling Software empowers utilities to quickly assess and prioritize their programs based on data analysis and predictive modeling. Reviewing large sections of operations territory, the model pinpoints and prioritizes pipe failures, cross bores, or other facility risks classified as having the highest potential risk while simultaneously categorizing areas of medium and lower risk values resulting in a heat map style visualization of priority. By leveraging Hydromax USA’s direct experience managing cross bore projects as well as our deep expertise in data analytics and testing, utilities can make efficient use of limited budgets and capital resources.  This accelerates the prioritization of potential risks and remediation all while improving public safety.

Our novel approach utilizes proprietary spatial relational tools based upon GIS data combined with powerful machine learning algorithms to create risk prioritization models with rich depth. The results drive the decisions to provide the highest reduction in risk with economic evaluation, sorting through all the available attribute data and teasing out correlated features instead of relying on human intuition and experience, both of which can carry unintentional bias. The result is an output for the likelihood of an event that has much better statistical significance and predictive power than any traditional approach.

By selecting HUSA’s Risk Prioritization Model, our clients:

  • make the most efficient use of limited budgets, O&M, and capital resources.
  • prioritize the use of critical assets
  • utilize the highest probability data to identify the greatest risks in buried infrastructure
  • minimize operating expenses
  • improve public safety through elevated risk prioritization
  • increase workflow efficiency management and visibility
  • more efficiently plan annual work zones/areas/volumes
  • understand risk mitigation from high to low priorities allowing program managers to set target thresholds that are achievable and truly impactful to enterprise value

UtilAlert™ Software


UtilAlert™ is the only early warning system you’ll need for your utility excavation project. Our easy-to-use, plug, and play component utilize real-time data from GPS coordinates and data from connected utilities to protect buried utilities.

UtilAlert™ utilizes an onboard multi-axis Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) and patent-pending software to enable alters and geo-fencing. The UlitAlert™ unit will notify the operator with visual and audio signals simultaneously sending emails or text messages to both contractor and utility damage prevention teams.

UtilAlert™ is available on both mobile and desktop apps. As a contractor, UtilAlert™ can minimize the expense of damage to connected utilities, avoid costly delays, and provides enhanced safety to both employees and the public.


UtiliSafe Solutions – Dedicated to Innovation & Safety

Hydromax’s information technology services focus on ongoing innovation in risk analysis, work prioritization and optimizing field services for our clients through software development and GIS system development. Our UtilSafe ™ suite of solutions is a result of that dedication. Want to learn more? Email or contact us at 877-389-2227.