Multi-Sensor Inspection


Hydromax USA understands the importance of providing high quality data to support expensive infrastructure improvement decisions. In many systems, sewer problems are the result of numerous, often interrelated issues. Any successful rehabilitation is dependent on accurate identification of each problem through a systematic approach.

Our Sewer Solutions

Hydromax USA provides comprehensive evaluation and assessment of sewer systems using state-of-the art technologies and and techniques. Pinpointing problem areas supported with precise, accurate data enables utilities to make cost-effective decisions in the rehabilitation of their infrastructure.

CCTV Inspection
Flow Monitoring
Manhole Inspections
Smoke Testing
• Dye Water Flooding

Our MaxSense multi-sensor inspection solution comprises any combination of inspection technologies, such as camera, sonar and laser. The key is to present the data in an efficient, easy-to-understand format that accurately describes corrosion, sedimentation and structural defects. HUSA has significant experience with several multi-sensor technologies offering advanced capabilities, such as continuous & simultaneous data collection with easily interpreted data in open source formats.

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