Our UtiliSafe™ suite of solutions puts critical data at your fingertips for planning, operations and regulatory compliance. These solutions are based on a unique, comprehensive combination of processes, GIS platforms and rigorous QA/QC requirements that provide high-confidence, verifiable results.


A risk prioritization model is a great tool to help prioritize and quickly assess large regions of operations territory, pinpointing pipe failures, cross bores or any other facility risk classified as having the highest potential risk. Areas with no risk values can then be quickly removed from consideration.


The good news? By leveraging Hydromax USA’s direct experience managing cross bore and leak survey projects as well as our deep expertise in data analytics and testing, utilities are able to make efficient use of limited budgets and capital resources, accelerating the prioritization of potential risks and remediation while improving public safety.


Hydromax USA is a proven innovator in the way data is gathered, processed, and made available to clients in actionable formats according to client needs. Our highly competent group of individuals with PhD’s and advanced degrees in computer science and architecture design, mathematics, physics, GIS, engineering, SQL database administrators, data analysts and field-based personnel, provide the unparalleled ability to create value from data.

This novel approach utilizes proprietary spatial relational tools based upon GIS data combined with powerful machine learning algorithms to create risk prioritization models with rich depth. The results drive the decisions to provide the highest reduction in risk with an economic evaluation, sorting through all of the available attribute data and teasing out correlated features instead of relying on human intuition and experience, both of which can carry unintentional bias. The end result is an output for the likelihood of an event which has much better statistical significance and predictive power than the traditional approach.


Developing a risk prioritization model is no small project. But there are a few things you can do now to begin understanding what risk factors may be applicable and learn more about other utilities that may be at risk of failure.

  • Understand what data is not available, and if it exists in a modern database.
  • Understand, not all risk factors are alike. Each varies considerably depending on the system, contractor, age of installation, pipes used…
  • Determine if adjacent parcels or addresses may be at risk. Sewer laterals do not follow the normal rules of utility installation.


Hydromax USA’s ground-breaking methodology provides utility managers with an objectively derived analysis concerning the likelihood and location of risk events. The results of this assessment help prioritize risks to establish a most-to-least-critical importance ranking through various analytical means.

Ranking risk in terms of the areas of likely occurrence of cross-bores within a system provides insights to the project’s management on where limited resources may be needed to manage or mitigate the realization of high probability / high consequence risk events within a complex project. The end result is an output for the likelihood of an event which has much better statistical significance and predictive power than the traditional subjective approach.

Download Hydromax USA’s Risk Reduction Brochure to learn how we leverage data innovation to prioritize risk.


Our long experience using data to perform all aspects of planning, analysis and operations for gas cross bore inspection and gas leak survey programs provides the most sophisticated and proven processes for risk prioritization modeling.

The results?

Efficient use of limited budgets, O&M and capital resources

  • Prioritization of critical assets
  • Highest probability to identify greatest risks in buried infrastructure
  • Minimize operating expenses
  • Improve public safety through elevated risk prioritization
  • Efficient work flow management and visibility
  • A tool to efficiently plan annual work zones/ areas/ volumes
  • Risk mitigation from big to small allows program managers to set target thresholds that are achievable and truly impactful to enterprise value

UtiliSafe Solutions – Dedicated to Innovation & Safety

Hydromax’s information technology services focus on ongoing innovation in risk analysis, work prioritization and optimizing field services for our clients through software development and GIS system development. Our UtilSafe ™ suite of solutions is a result of that dedication. Want to learn more? Email or contact us at 877-389-2227.

Actionable Business Intelligence

Hydromax USA is propelling the industry forward incorporating utility data into a GIS interface resulting in efficient, user-friendly presentations that deliver:

  • Asset details available across multiple departments for project design, project scheduling and operations control
  • Better budgeting by combining asset characteristics from multiple sources of traditionally siloed data
  • GIS visual interface that allows users to gather assets by selecting them directly on the screen, turning them into BIM, circuit diagram, etc.
  • Integration with SAP and other data structures
  • A structured database to generate meaningful queries and reports with ease.
  • GIS databases: High accuracy asset location and a transition from physical paint marks to a digital response system

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