Digital Leak Survey delivers highly-accurate, real-time data from the field, so you know your gas lines are leak-free. As part of our UtiliSafe suite, Digital Leak Survey provides the data you need for operations and regulatory compliance. Schedule a video call with Mark Congdon today to learn more about how Digital Leak Survey can deliver verifiable results.

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Our digital data collection process offers a verifiable digital trail through high-accuracy GPS breadcrumbs that ensure inspections are completed to exceed industry standards. Data collected is constantly uploaded from mobile devices where records are reviewed immediately.


Significant faults in traditional leak detection are avoided, including:

  • Compliance Tracking Turnaround: Cost and impracticality of the paper map, transferred from field personnel to office staff manually is virtually eliminated.
  • Verifiability of Work Completion: Falsification of records citations are a thing of the past due to the ability for utilities to validate from multiple corroborating sources.
  • Accountability for Investigating All Leaks: The Hydromax USA system shows the investigation process clearly and ensures scope of investigation is met.
  • Access Issue (CGI/CGA) Tracking and Management: No more reliance on the survey technician to report access issues correctly, with high accuracy GPS breadcrumbs.
  • Records Retention Costs: Cost of onsite or 3rd party storage of paper maps and forms is almost entirely removed.

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High Accuracy GPS Breadcrumbs (4-8”) document that the Survey Technician is walking directly over the pipeline and validates that work performed as directed, resulting in:

  • The collection of millions of points every week pulled into an automated buffer analysis to ensure individual assets were properly surveyed.
  • Gas detection instrument readings blended together with latitude, longitude, timestamp and a collection of other corroborating fields in real time validate that leaks are never missed
  • Recorded instrument readings for predictive analysis to be performed on leak migration or probability of leak presence
  • Leak work orders that are automatically generated as searchable PDFs with high-resolution imagery
  • Asset data collection can be used to update land base or for conflation projects to further increase enterprise value added from the program


The improved accuracy, integration, and efficiency of methods used to collect, store and analyze data helps our customers manage and verify compliance. This data also allows customers to predict potential hazards for the prioritization and implementation of preventive and mitigative actions.


A 24/7 emergency response system is in place to dispatch leak survey technicians within minutes of an incident occurrence keeping the safety of our customer, technicians and the public our top priority. This is powered by work orders, automatically generated – when leaks are detected – as searchable digital files with high-resolution imagery.


Operators are specially trained to follow prescribed practices. We utilize in-house training as well as Industrial Training Services, ISNetWorld, MEA, Energy World Net, or any other OQ system that the Utility prefers.

Download Hydromax USA’s Digital Leak Survey Brochure to learn how our digital data collection will provide you a verifiable digital trail.


Hydromax USA is manufacturer agnostic. We select the best equipment for the environment and that which best aligns with the standards of our customer. We are able to integrate all of the different brands of sensors into our real-time tracking system.

UtiliSafe Solutions – Dedicated to Innovation & Safety

Hydromax’s information technology services focus on ongoing innovation in risk analysis, work prioritization and optimizing field services for our clients through software development and GIS system development. Our UtilSafe ™ suite of solutions is a result of that dedication. Want to learn more? Email or contact us at 877-389-2227.

Actionable Business Intelligence

Hydromax USA is propelling the industry forward incorporating utility data into a GIS interface resulting in efficient, user-friendly presentations that deliver:

  • Asset details available across multiple departments for project design, project scheduling and operations control
  • Better budgeting by combining asset characteristics from multiple sources of traditionally siloed data
  • GIS visual interface that allows users to gather assets by selecting them directly on the screen, turning them into BIM, circuit diagram, etc.
  • Integration with SAP and other data structures
  • A structured database to generate meaningful queries and reports with ease.
  • GIS databases: High accuracy asset location and a transition from physical paint marks to a digital response system

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