Our UtiliSafe™ suite of solutions puts critical data at your fingertips for planning, operations and regulatory compliance. These solutions are based on a unique, comprehensive combination of processes, GIS platforms and rigorous QA/QC requirements that provide high-confidence, verifiable results.


Hydromax USA Cross Bore Quality Control processes require verifiable and repeatable data at the highest confidence level because we understand the implications of a single failure. Established rules are used for all aspects of cross bore inspection with methods and equipment being continually refined for safety and efficiency by specific project or system. Distinguishing capabilities that highlight our cross bore program capabilities:

  • GPS field data collection equipment capable of real-time corrected accuracy down to 3”
  • Field personnel extensively trained on best practices and thorough troubleshooting to ensure maximum accuracy when recording positions
  • Higher accuracy equipment for greater confidence in the review of data, lower system risk, and overall results
  • High resolution aerial imagery from Nearmap allows data analysts to confirm the clearance of risk areas within a smaller tolerance and higher degree of confidence.
  • Digital Cross Bore Reports are searchable and linked to related GIS data for future data and studies, and stored in digital layers available through the utilities’ system. Hydromax USA supports ESRI, GE Smallworld and a variety of other GIS platforms.

The Hydromax USA Cross Bore Program

Hydromax USA’s Cross Bore Inspection program was developed with an emphasis on collecting high quality data by engineering out the potential for human error during the field collection and validation of data used to identify and mitigate cross bores. Core to our program are five comprehensive methodologies:

  • Project Ramp-up
  • Scoping Process Development
  • Inspection Methodology
  • Mapping & Data Review Precision
  • Proximity Team


Hydromax USA utilizes 3” accuracy GPS equipment. The accuracy of Hydromax USA’s equipment allows us to ensure that all scoped risk limits have been reached. This level of confidence is impossible with lower quality GPS data and without the rigorous training our field personnel undergo.


“You can’t build a great house with a hammer alone”

We continually evaluate every available tool on the market to bring our customers the most value. We select and customize our robotic equipment to meet the unique challenges encountered in your regions’ sewer systems, such as steep sloping pipes or rough concrete sewers. Our adaptable lateral equipment has delivered project cost savings for our customers while increasing completed inspections with limited access options and reducing the requirement for costly followup inspections.

Download Hydromax USA’s Cross Bore Brochure to learn more about our risk mitigation solutions.


At Hydromax USA we endeavor to introduce continuous improvements to our systems and processes which prevent the loss of life or damage to property potentially caused by the accidental installation of gas and other utility facilities into the sewer system. To that end:

  • Each manager has a detailed working knowledge of the equipment, processes, and procedures necessary for total program success.
  • Our staff has a dedicated Quality Control Manager to ensure all processes and procedures meet internal quality standards.
  • Our Hydromax USA’s Safety Council analyzes safety data to ensure we meet internal and utility established safety goals, providing baseline knowledge which drives constant improvement and awareness.

UtiliSafe Solutions – Dedicated to Innovation & Safety

Hydromax’s information technology services focus on ongoing innovation in risk analysis, work prioritization and optimizing field services for our clients through software development and GIS system development. Our UtilSafe ™ suite of solutions is a result of that dedication. Want to learn more? Email or contact us at 877-389-2227.

Actionable Business Intelligence

Hydromax USA is propelling the industry forward incorporating utility data into a GIS interface resulting in efficient, user-friendly presentations that deliver:

  • Asset details available across multiple departments for project design, project scheduling and operations control
  • Better budgeting by combining asset characteristics from multiple sources of traditionally siloed data
  • GIS visual interface that allows users to gather assets by selecting them directly on the screen, turning them into BIM, circuit diagram, etc.
  • Integration with SAP and other data structures
  • A structured database to generate meaningful queries and reports with ease.
  • GIS databases: High accuracy asset location and a transition from physical paint marks to a digital response system

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