Water Audit

Following the present terminology and methodologies, a Water Audit is a complete evaluation of all water that passes through a distribution system.  Following the objectives of the Utility managers, a comprehensive Water Audit can establish a long term Water Loss Control program as it increases revenue and decreases water loss.  The Audit can be modified as problems are resolved or new problems are discovered.  The analysis follows a set pattern that may be performed as one project or as separate tasks and it could include:

  • Production Review
  • Production Meter Testing
  • Distribution System Confirmation
  • District Measurements and Evaluation
  • Non-Metered Usage Analysis
  • Apparent Loss Evaluation
  • Leak Detection Survey
  • Metered Usage Analysis
  • Large Meter Consumption Sizing and Application Analysis
  • Small Meter Consumption Analysis
  • Large Meter Testing

Water Audit procedures are being used by an increasing number of Utilities across the United States and around the world. The results can provide both volumetric and financial parameters and enable the Utility to more effectively use its limited resources. The new terminology has all water identified as either “Authorized Consumption” or “Water Loss”.  The Water Loss component is further broken into “Real Losses”, the loss through all types of leaks, bursts, service reservoirs and service connections up to the point of customer metering; or “Apparent Losses“, the loss through unauthorized consumption and metering inaccuracies.

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