Multi-Sensor Inspection

Multi-sensor inspection comprises any combination of inspection technologies, such as camera, sonar and laser. The key is to present the data in an efficient, easy-to-understand format that accurately describes corrosion, sedimentation and structural defects. HUSA has significant experience with several multi-sensor technologies offering the following capabilities:

  • Continuous & simultaneous data collection
  • Bypass pumping not required
  • 24″ ≤ Sewers ≤ 120″
  • Continuous inspections > 7,000 feet
  • Easy to interpret data

Above the water surface, the laser measures wall loss due to corrosion, ovality and deflection versus design within the pipe.  HD images (CCTV) are also recorded above the water level. Below the water surface, sonar determines lost capacity by calculating debris levels and volumes. Sonar also identifies major structural anomalies.

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