Project Management

Hydromax USA personnel have been providing cross-bore locating services to the gas industry since 2001.  Thoughtful and experienced project management is a necessary component to provide comprehensive, high confidence elimination of all legacy cross bores of gas lines in sanitary sewers.

Coordination of data from multiple gas and sewer Gas distribution mainline and gas lateral information of location and material type with sewer mapping can be coordinated. Integration of the data into overlaying mapping and/or aerial photos can be provided. Selecting the base datum coordinates can be reviewed and reconciled.

Customized procedures and specifications for inspection work, QA/QC processes and data deliverables can be developed to meet the specific needs of each client.  HUSA has several innovative data storage and transfer options.

Effective QA/QC procedures are an essential component in the project management process.  HUSA has the experience to ensure the highest confidence in inspection results and can also provide QA/QC of other contractors.  HUSA’s goal is to identify of 100% of the cross bores within a repeatable, verifiable process.

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