Cross Bore Safety

Hydromax USA understands the details needed for successful cross bore identification and elimination projects better than any other company.  HUSA has developed a unique, comprehensive combination of processes and rigorous QA/QC requirements that provided high confidence verifiable results.  We understand that it is unacceptable to fail to indentify a single cross bore.  Legacy elimination, pre construction locating and post construction verification use similar equipment and processes.  All require a high quality results – with high confidence factor for accurate and complete data. We believe low quality data is essentially worthless.

Our field crew technicians and processes provide the most complete solution from the most experienced company in cross bore inspections:

  • 10+ years in cross bore elimination, legacy and new installations.
  • Trained and experienced field crews.
  • Detailed operating procedures for repeatable high confidence results.
  • QA/QC processes for data integrity.
  • Seasoned data analysts.
  • Current up to date equipment.
  • Experienced management from work in 28 states, coast to coast.
  • High confidence of work
  • Easily accessible data-GIS integration, aerial photos, goggle map overlays, etc.
  • Cloud based reporting options, multiple format reporting.

We understand our duty to provide accurate & complete work.  HUSA field crew data acquisition processes include:

  1. Inspection of lateral and mainline sewers using mainline launched robotic CCTV lateral inspection cameras with auxiliary lateral cable, remotely operated from the surface of streets.
  2. Push rod cameras manually operated from inside buildings or sewer cleanouts.
  3. Vacuum excavation where the above techniques are unsuccessful
  4. Manual excavation to locate cross bores where the above techniques are unsuccessful.
  5. Field GPS coordinates at beginning and ending points, changes of direction or significant obstructions to full visual inspection of pipe using GPS units designed for 1 ft accuracy  and coupled to auxiliary remote antennaes.
  6. Traffic control planning and permitting.
  7. Sewer cleaning with vacuum/jetter truck, high pressure jetters or manual drain cleaning tools as needed.
  8. Coordination with local sewer utilities for permitting and sewer mapping.
  9. Home owner scheduling as needed for access.
  10. Project coordination.

Our Data Analysis Center assembles the field data obtained by our trained inspection crews and performs various QA/QC checks for completion and accuracy.

  • All CCTV videos are 100% checked independent of field crews to verify all cross bores are identified and the inspection was completed to project limits and requirements.
  • Mainline identification of number of taps and verification that corresponding lateral inspection was completed.
  • GPS mapping points from the surface coincide with sondes in the sewers to identify significant inspection points that are then overlaid on aerial photos.
  • The data can be supplied in a GIS mapping system format for integration into the clients GIS system allow for convenient readily accessible data.
  • The data can be supplied in multiple formats such as Excel, Access, SQL or GIS. Custom formats are available.
  • Reporting is offered as frequently daily from email notices, FTP access or cloud based internet databases that the are open to client access, subject  to password controls.

HUSA has experience working from coast to coast using the best technologies available. Unique circumstances are a common occurrence. We can adjust to conditions with differing tools and processes as needed to get the project completed. Special security clearance for military installations can be accommodated. Structurally defective pipes can be a challenge. Our experience and perseverance brings completion where others quit.

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