Hydromax USA understands the importance of providing high quality data to support expensive infrastructure improvement decisions. Collectively, HUSA is comprised of engineers, technicians and specialists with broad sets of diversified experience in the water, sewer and natural gas industries.  Capitalizing on the strength of our people combined with the latest innovative technologies, HUSA is proud to provide better data for better decisions!

Water Distribution Systems

HUSA possesses state-of-the-art equipment and personnel with a vast collection of traditional experience and knowledge of the latest methodologies.

Sewer Collection Systems

With vast experience in the field collecting data and in the office interpreting results, HUSA has unparalleled ability with sewer system evaluation and condition assessment techniques.

Natural Gas

With regards to cross bore identification and elimination, HUSA has developed a unique, comprehensive combination of processes and rigorous QA/QC requirements leading to high-confidence verifiable results.

Dams & Levees

Equipped with rugged inspection equipment and well-trained operators, HUSA has the ability to inspect the tens of thousands of conduits through dams and levees that are aging and deteriorating throughout the country.