HUSA & PSE Forge Long-term Relationship

Hydromax USA (HUSA) is pleased to have been selected as the Service Provider to perform sewer inspections for Puget Sound Energy (PSE). These inspections are made to verify that natural gas distribution lines do not exist in sewers.

Inspection Program Description

PSE and HUSA, the authorized contractor, use camera technology to inspect sewer lines. On rare occasions, natural gas pipelines could be installed through sewer service lines. It is not always possible to access the sewers from the exterior of structures. HUSA may need to enter your home or business to complete the inspections. If requested to  schedule an appointment for performing the sewer safety inspection, when access to the structure is needed, please call HUSA at 800-371-3886.

If blocked sewers are suspected, sewer professionals are encouraged to call PSE at 888-225-5773 before dispatching a plumber.

Important Safety Tips

PSE has produced videos and provided important safety tips for residents and professional drain cleaners. We encourage you to view this information, found via the following links: