News Releases

HUSA Selected for Flow Monitoring in Lexington

Posted on March 15th 2014

LFUCGIMarch 2014, Lexington-Fayette Urban County Government (LFUCG) hired Hydromax USA  to provide sanitary sewer flow metering services for their Capacity Assessment Program to verify and recalibrate the hydraulic model. The 4-month study includes over 20 flow meter sites and 3 rain gauge sites. The flow meters were installed in pipes ranging in size from 8” to 36” in diameter. Data is collected in 5-minute time intervals and a 90% uptime of all equipment is required. The project is expected to be completed in July 2014.

HUSA Partners with CH2M Hill in Cincinnati

Posted on February 1th 2014

GCWWHydromax USA has been selected to support CH2M Hill with Water Distribution System field services for its 2014 Greater Cincinnati Model Validation and Tracer Study Project. Scope of services includes up to 18 simultaneous flow and pressure metering sites at integral locations throughout the distribution system for a period of 11 consecutive weeks. HUSA completed the first Great Cincinnati Water Works (GCWW) hydraulic-model-support flow and pressure data collection project in 2007.


HUSA Gets Published in The Conduit Again

Posted on November 22th 2013

The Conduit (Fall 2013)Although still an evolving aspect of sewer system maintenance and peak flow reduction, the incorporation of a private property I/I abatement program just may be the missing piece necessary to solve many utilities wet weather peak flow issues. Read this recently published article in The Conduit magazine, coauthored by HUSA’s Jeff Griffiths.

HUSA Continues Louisville Water Company Relationship

Posted on August 15th 2013

Louisville-Water-CompanyAs part of an ongoing relationship with the Louisville Water Company (LWC), HUSA recently completed LWC’s Hydraulic Model Support project. The project determined flow and pressure characteristics from 15 separate distribution system locations to assess summer 2013 water movement. A total of 15, 7-day duration and 1-minute-interval flow and pressure diurnal curves were consecutively developed. HUSA used the pitot-rod method to meter flow in the project and completed a similar project in December 2012 to assess winter flow and pressures.

HUSA & PSE Forge Long-term Relationship

Posted on July 1th 2013

Hydromax USA (HUSA) is pleased to have been selected as the Service Provider to perform sewer inspections for Puget Sound Energy (PSE). These inspections are made to verify that natural gas distribution lines do not exist in sewers.

Inspection Program Description

PSE and HUSA, the authorized contractor, use camera technology to inspect sewer lines. On rare occasions, natural gas pipelines could be installed through sewer service lines. It is not always possible to access the sewers from the exterior of structures. HUSA may need to enter your home or business to complete the inspections. If requested to  schedule an appointment for performing the sewer safety inspection, when access to the structure is needed, please call HUSA at 800-371-3886.

If blocked sewers are suspected, sewer professionals are encouraged to call PSE at 888-225-5773 before dispatching a plumber.

Important Safety Tips

PSE has produced videos and provided important safety tips for residents and professional drain cleaners. We encourage you to view this information, found via the following links:

HUSA Completes Third Leak Survey in Japan

Posted on June 10th 2013

Misawa-Air-Force-Base-JapanOn behalf of URS, HUSA recently completed the second Leak Survey of the joint Japanese and U.S. airbase in northern Japan at Misawa.  Approximately 50% of the Misawa distribution system was leak surveyed in 2011, comprising Phase I. For Phase II of the project, approximately 50 miles of combined metallic and non-metallic pipe were leak surveyed and correlated.  All leak screening locations and leak locations were GPS located and submitted in GIS digital data format.  The Phase II Misawa leak survey is the third distribution system project that HUSA has performed in Japan.  Last year, HUSA completed the Leak Survey at the joint Japanese and U.S. airbase in western Tokyo, Japan at Yokota.

HUSA Lands Three Contracts in Chattanooga

Posted on June 1th 2013

HUSA was awarded three different SSES projects for work in the City of Chattanooga. The work is being performed for CDM Smith, HDR, and Parsons Brinkerhoff. The work consists of approximately 1,700 NASSCO MACP manhole inspections, 330,000LF of smoke testing, and 330,000LF of CCTV inspections. All manhole locations and smoke test defects are being captured with GPS coordinates. All field work is anticipated to be completed by the end of October.

HUSA Partners with GS&P for SSES Contract in Springfield

Posted on May 1th 2013

Hydromax USA has partnered with Gresham, Smith & Partners to perform CCTV inspections, manhole inspections, and smoke testing in Springfield, Tennessee. This will be a multi-phase project over the next two years. The first phase of the project is performing approximately 650 manhole inspections, approximately 180,000 LF of smoke testing and CCTV inspections in three mini-basins and along the two interceptors that discharge to the wastewater treatment plant. All of the information associated with the manhole inspections and smoke testing is being collected with global positioning units (GPS). Collecting the information with these units enables the engineers and owners to update existing mapping. It also enables the engineers and owners to easily access all the collected data as well as populate their Geographic Information System (GIS). Additional phases of work will be scheduled based on the results of ongoing flow monitoring.

HUSA Dives Deep in Minneapolis

Posted on April 15th 2013

Deep Manned EntryOn behalf of the Metropolitan Council Environmental Services (MCES), Brown & Caldwell (B&C) B&C selected HUSA to perform inspection and condition assessment services for large diameter interceptors and shafts. HUSA used a multi-sensor inspection platform that included CCTV, sonar, laser (LiDAR) and H2S gas sensors for tunnel inspections and the IBAK Panoramo camera for shaft inspections. The first inspection-related task authorization under this MSA covered inspection of five (5) large diameter interceptors located within the city of Minneapolis totaling approximately 110,300LF. Some manholes/ access shafts were as deep as 150 feet, which required superior manned entry equipment and support, including electric winches (w/ manual winch redundancy) and self-contained breathing apparatuses.

HUSA Tackles Muddy Creek Interceptor Inspection

Posted on March 1th 2013

photoBlack & Veatch (B&V) selected HUSA to perform inspection services on the Muddy Creek interceptor in Winston-Salem, NC. HUSA performed traditional CCTV inspection on approximately 30,000LF of sewer and multi-sensor inspection (CCTV/Sonar/LiDAR laser) on 15,000LF. All of the field work was in difficult-to-access, easement areas where HUSA used an Argo amphibious vehicle. All data was collected in a timely fashion, meeting the client’s schedule and exceeding their expectations, leading the client to comment “The field staff staff demonstrated outstanding performance in understanding the needs of our SSES, in the performance of their work, and in the timeliness of their efforts. They successfully handled any unforeseen issues that occurred. I would highly recommend Hydromax based on the both the performance of the field staff and on the final report which was delivered in a timely fashion. I would be very pleased to work with them again in the future on similar projects.”

MSDGC Extends HUSA's Flow Monitoring Contract

Posted on February 10th 2013

msd_new_logo_finalHydromax USA continued its multi-year contract for flow monitoring and rain gauge services with the Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati (OH). Since the beginning of the contract, the weekly or bi-weekly field maintenance component has increased to over 100 sites. The sites include sanitary, combined and combined structure overflows with varying pipe shapes and sizes that range from 8-inch to 12-foot in size. Data from the meters is checked weekly and polished data is provided monthly for all meters. The data is used by MSDGC and its consultants for various reasons to include calibrating the hydraulic model, evaluating existing system conditions, and I/I control. During 2012, Hydromax USA also converted five open channel flow meter sites to permanent flumes for the purpose of increasing the accuracy of the billing to wholesale customers.

HUSA Completes 96" Interceptor Inspection in OKC

Posted on January 10th 2013

HUSA multi-sensor inspection crewHydromax USA completed the field inspection of a 96-inch Interceptor for the City of Oklahoma City just before Christmas, approximately one month ahead of schedule. The inspection of this 16-mile long interceptor, that was the only means of conveyance from downtown Oklahoma City to the North Canadian Wastewater Treatment Plant, was a key component of Professional Engineering Consultants, P.A. assessment of this line. The work began in early November, 2012 in the downtown urbanized area and continued through multiple land uses to include river easements, farms and ranchlands. The final data submittal included manhole assessments, standard PACP exchange deliverables and reports and videos of the laser, sonar and HD camera sensors.

Lateral Inspection Services Featured in WaterWorld

Posted on June 15th 2012

Hydromax USA’s lateral inspection services were the cover feature article in the June 2012 issue of WaterWorld, an international publication dedicated to delivering up-to-date information on technology, products and trends in the water and wastewater industry. The article was based on a 2011 project inspecting laterals in one of New England’s oldest cities and demonstrated the cost-beneficial importance of performing condition assessment inspections in lieu of total rehabilitation without inspection. HUSA was hired by Kleinfelder/ SEA Consultants for this project and have given several joint presentations highlighting our combined success.