Key Contacts

Jeff Graham, P.E.

Jeff brings 25+ years experience as a professional engineering consultant with a focus in SSES work including the evaluation of over 20 million linear feet of sanitary sewers. He is a founding director of the Midwest Society of Trenchless Technology (MSTT). Jeff has served as a Project Manager or Project Engineer on over 300 projects involving infiltration/inflow studies, sewer system evaluation studies, CSO studies, and associated sanitary sewer rehabilitation projects. Jeff is one of Hydromax USA’s founding partners.

Mark Bruce

Vice President, Director of Safety & Gas Programs
Mark is a graduate of Rose Hulman Institute of technology with a BS in Civil Engineering. He brings 40+ years of experience in the  wastewater, construction, pipe manufacturing and service industries. Mark is the founder and President of the Cross Bore Safety Association, former Chairman of North American Society of Trenchless Technology, past President of the National Clay Pipe Institute, international presenter, quality manager for ISO 9001 and patent holder. His efforts include projects on six continents.

Steve Lacy

Vice President, Director of Field Operations
Steve has 25+ years experience in the water and wastewater service industry. He has strong experience as an owner and manager of sewer and water installation companies. His practical experience of water distribution and collection systems acts as a strong knowledge base for field operations. Steve’s field trials of lateral launched CCTV cameras facilitated his participation on the first large sewer/natural gas cross bore project in the United States.

Mark Wallbom

Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Executive Director
Mark has a history of successful broad-based executive and managerial experience with bottom line responsibility in diverse industries. His primary expertise is in the areas of professional engineering services, infrastructure construction and remediation, pipeline and conveyance systems, product distribution, light manufacturing, as well as commercial finance & banking industries. While serving as the companies CFO, Mark’s other responsibilities include refining operating procedures and process improvements, benchmarking, strategy development, and market analysis. Mark’s wealth of senior managerial experience in companies big and small – most recently the CEO of Underground Imaging Technologies, a Caterpillar subsidiary company – make him an ideal individual to assist the senior management group of HUSA in achieving our desired market expansion and controlled growth.

Jeff Griffiths

Vice President, Director of Marketing
Jeff brings 17+ years of experience in engineering, marketing and business development, primarily in the water and wastewater industries. He has managed projects across the United States and several foreign countries. He holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Virginia Tech and an MBA from The College of William and Mary. Jeff has been a presenter at local, regional and national conferences regarding large diameter multi-sensor sewer inspections as well as lateral inspections.

Stu Bowns

Vice President, Technical Manager for Potable Water
Stu has 40+ years experience in the water/waste water industry and has worked on over 400 sanitary sewer and water distribution system evaluation projects throughout the country. He has implemented innovative technologies for the water industry and has developed analysis techniques for determining the best selection of available flow meters for various hydraulic conditions in sewers and water systems. His perennial activities of the WEF Collection System Committee and AWWA Water Loss Control Committee continue to be an important opportunity to contribute to the industry.

Tony Bischoff, P.E.

Chief Information Officer (CIO), QA/QC Manager
Tony has a Masters in Civil Engineering from the University of Kentucky, with Suma Cum Laude honors.  He provides the basis as provider for utilities systems of hydraulics, CCTV, GIS and GPS data for QA/QC verification and analysis. He has 20+ years of experience in wastewater engineering industry with expertise in hydraulic modeling, flow meter data collection, GIS, pipe line inspection, data analysis and project management. His role in the implementation of high level QA/QC procedures with integration of GIS and GPS technologies have enhanced public safety associated with locating and mapping cross bores.