Environmental Statement

We recognize that our activities have an impact on the environment and that we need to appropriately manage those impacts while providing services to our customers. As such, Hydromax USA has committed to the following actions:

  • All relevant environmental laws, regulations and standards will be met.
  • Responsible business practices that promote environmental stewardship will be used.
  • Our use of natural resources, including energy, in both our operations shall be minimized.
  • Use of low environmental impact techniques and technologies will be maximized.
  • Long term sustainable systems for data storage and dissemination will be adopted.

Environmental services are a fundamental part of our business. It is imperative that each operating unit within Hydromax USA limits its impact on the environment. The objective of this policy is to clearly outline the roles and responsibilities of each operating unit to support this effort.

Hydromax USA’s Commitment

  1. Ensure compliance with all relevant environmental laws, regulations, and standards.
  2. Sustain the environment through responsible business practices which promote environmental stewardship with a sustainable approach to the prevention of pollution.
    • Promote environmental stewardship in our business offerings, and where our operations, activities, or practices could impact the environment.
    • Encourage our clients, partners, suppliers, agents, and contractors to adopt similar standards.
  3. Ensure efficient use of natural resources, including energy.
    • Work to achieve a high level of energy efficiency by utilizing energy efficient tools and processes.
    • Minimize resource consumption and waste by utilizing progressive techniques for planning.
    • Partner with our clients to protect watersheds, develop sustainable water resources, and promote water conservation and use efficiency
    • Promote recycling and reuse.
  4. Identify opportunities to use new techniques, services and processes which offer us and our clients better opportunities to reduce environmental impact.